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At English Prestige, we live up to our name by building more than just quality spaces. We build quality relationships that have cemented our reputation as reliable partners and responsible community members. Thanks to these strong relationships, our single source project and construction management services perform safely, on time and on budget.


With over 25 years of experience designing and building industrial, commercial, and residential projects, English Prestige delivers value through our expertise and long-term relationships, both with our clients and our supply chain. Our experience allows us to understand the rapidly changing nature of construction so we are able to adapt to both market conditions and client needs to provide measurable value to our clients.


Our greatest asset has to be our highly skilled team members, who tackle each and every project with the tenacity and professionalism our clients have come to expect from English Prestige. Our employees are committed to planning and implementing successful projects through their dedication to both teamwork and quality results.


English Prestige holds itself to constantly improving quality standards that ensure we consistently meet and exceed expectations. These standards extend from the safety and working conditions of our employees and partners to the final deliverables they produce.


Furthermore, we realize that buildings without people are quite literally empty. As an organization, we are committed to involving ourselves in our community with the same dedication we apply to our construction projects. From supporting local entrepreneurs to various charitable contributions, we at English Prestige pride ourselves on being model community members.

With numerous projects successfully completed throughout Southern Ontario and beyond, English Prestige continues to seek out new challenges and opportunities while nurturing the relationships and values on which we have built our exceptional reputation. We look forward to not only constructing the buildings of tomorrow, but also building the communities that will use them.

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